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Dr Benjamin Betey Campion





Phone: Cellular +233 262 579785+233 262 579785
Email:  bbcampion.frnr[at]
Department: Fisheries and Watershed Management
Office: Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, Room 124
Office Hours: 0800-160008.00-16.00
Address: Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Kumasi, Ghana

Brief Info

I have a very diverse academic upbringing. I have traversed botany, aquatic ecology, resources management (with emphasis on forest resources) to climate and vegetation geography. This upbringing has diversified my areas of work and research interest. I have been working on the characterisation of water and soil resources (quantity and quality); hydrological modelling and applications of hydrological models in water resources management; temporal and spatial distributions and variations in water resources; effects of land use and climate change on groundwater recharge, quality of ground and surface waters; soil degradation and sustainable managements of soils;

Community water and sanitation issues have been one of the biggest challenges in Ghana. In this area, I have been working on community-water relationships: coping strategies and customs and conflicts related to the variations and alternative uses of water); community environmental decision making processes; water resources and poverty alleviation; water resources and climate change; ecological and cultural sustainability of urban environments. To this end, I am currently exploring and experimenting with models and empirical research as a fundamental means of achieving these goals.

As fallouts from my PhD studies, I continue to work on urban ecology, bioremediation, ecology and management of streams, lakes, coastal water bodies (estuaries and lagoons) and wetlands associated with urban environments. I am interested in the state of human influence, hydrology and nutrient cycling; effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change on wetland and stream ecology. Possible restoration measures, management and relations with policy and interventions.

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Undergraduate Courses:

  • FSA 152 Aquatic Weed Control
  • FSA 156:  Environmental Physiology of Fish
  • FSA 264: Hydrology and Sediment Dynamics in Fluvial Systems
  • FSA 359: Watershed Management

Peer Reviewed Publications

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