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Fisheries and Watershed Management

The Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management is one of the five departments of the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources. It has a mandate to train students and personnel for inland fisheries management, aquaculture, and watershed and wetlands management to facilitate sustainable utilization and management of fisheries and aquatic resources.

In order to meet this mandate, the Department runs BSc, MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes. It also contributes in training students towards the BSc Natural Resources Management degree. The research focus of the Department is in the fields of aquaculture, fisheries science and watershed management. Teaching and research in the Department are, therefore, aimed at achieving or facilitating the sustainable utilization of our water resources.

Mission, Vision/Values
The vision of the Department is to become an international centre of excellence for learning and research in the fields of aquaculture and water resources in Africa.


Contact Us
Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management
KNUST, Kumasi

Tel: (+233) 3220 60375(+233) 3220 60375
Fax: (+233) 3220 60375
Twitter: @Fisheries_KNUST

Twitter: @Fisheries_KNUST