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About Us

The Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was established in 1982 in response to the need to expand the natural resource professional base in Ghana and to also inject local content into training that would-be professionals were receiving at the time. The Faculty is now a lead institution for training, research and extension in the sustainable management and utilization of renewable natural resources in West Africa. It is renowned for its high quality education and impeccable contribution to scientific research in development and conservation of Ghana’s renewable natural resources covering forests, wildlife, fisheries and sustainable agricultural landscapes and production systems. Through its outreach activities the Faculty contributes directly to policy formulation, development of strategic plans and monitoring in the natural resource and environmental sectors of the Ghanaian economy. Conscious of the critical nature of its contribution to the sustainable development of Ghana and the West African sub-region, the Faculty has an environment and people-oriented policy and therefore runs its academic, research and outreach programmes and projects on principles of integration, inclusiveness and environmental ethics.

The Faculty has six academic departments namely; Agroforestry, Fisheries and Watershed Management, Silviculture and Forest Management, Wildlife and Range Management, Wood Science and Technology and Forest Resource Technology. It offers degrees at BSc., MSc, MPhil and PhD levels in all the Departments except in Forest Resource Technology where only a bachelor’s degree is available at the moment.

The various Departments have been consistent with building synergies and collaborating with many national and international agencies including EU, ITTO, Danida, USAID and Tropenbos International resulting in a number of research projects in the Departments.



The Faculty has 49 permanent teaching staff:

Professors: 2

Associate Professors: 8

Senior Lecturers: 18

Lecturers: 19

Research Fellow: 1

Assistant Lecturer: 1



The Faculty has a student population of 2130:

Undergraduates: 2051

Postgraduates: 79